Phantom Takes Part in World's Largest 40K Game

Phantom of the Attic will be taking part in a coordinated, world-wide Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse game on Saturday, January 21st. Details on the event can be found here.

The Phantom end of the event will be coordinated by Mr. Andrew Lotz.

Absolutely no unpainted, un-based models will be admitted to this event. This is a marquee event that endeavors to show off the best miniature gaming has to offer. Come strong or do not come at all!

At this point we have open slots remaining, and it appears to be shaping up as Space Orks vs. Imperium, with a special mission for some Dark Eldar players who will dart in amidst the carnage! Folks are certainly welcome to come and check the game out as well! Warhammer 40K makes a great spectator sport!

--Phantom Staff


Hordes vs. Warmachine 2011 Spring Slam!

Hordes vs. Warmachine Spring Slam!

Sunday, May 1st!

You're cordially invited to take part in the 2011 Phantom of the Attic Hordes vs. Warmachine Spring Slam! This 25 pt. event will pit the forces of Hordes against the armies of Warmachine, and to the victors go the spoils of glory! All you need to play is a fully painted and based 25 pt. force from either game. You will also be required to bring all dice, counters, and templates necessary to run your army. Games for this one-day event will occur on Sunday, May 1st, and go from 11:00 AM until 4:00 PM. Players will take part in one of two types of games:

1.) 1 v. 1 25 pt. per side battle

2.) 2 v. 2 50 pt. per side battle

Players will play as many games as they can using set battle scenarios, and each victory will garner 2 pts. for the winning faction (either Hordes or Warmachine). In 2 v. 2 games, each Warcaster or Warlock killed scores 1 pt. for the winning faction.

Please sign up by calling Phantom of the Attic at 412-682-6290.


Welcome To My Parlor...- Warhammer 40K Gaming Event, 12/5/10, 12:00OPM (Updated!)

Phantom of the Attic Presents: Welcome to my parlor...

A Warhammer 40,000 event featuring the Dark Eldar!

“I need a status report!
Three power fields have been compromised, structural damage to decks C and D, life support, propulsion, and torpedo bays stable, warp drive offline.
Damn it! What created the gravity shift?!?!
Vid screens are rebooting... we have visual contact... sir...
By Throne... a hulk!”
- Admiral Logan Gress and Support Staff, Cobra Class Destroyer- Death Merchant

Suffering from the persistent menace of Tyranid infestation, Emperor’s Hope, a contested system on the fringe of the Imperium, has been a site of near constant war, death, and pain. A constant stream of exquisite lives gruesomely extinguished in the system have caused the local immaterium to flare like a beacon, drawing a new terror to the beleaguered system. Like pest flies drawn to the rank, coppery odor of a festering corpse the Dark Eldar, sensing the spike of anguish have sojourned through the labyrinthine webway in pursuit of a new source of sustenance. Through the torment of the lesser races they hope to find surrogate souls to sacrifice in their stead, and thus appease She-Who-Thrists.

Lead by the enigmatic, Faustus ‘Kwuire, merchant lord of the Kabal of the Crimson Tear, the Dark Eldar have laid a cunning trap for their inferiors. Using complex gravity drives and teleportation technology, they have captured the space hulk Doom and Darkness (a floating horror maze whose first documented encounters date to 200 years post Heresy and continue to this day) and deposited it in the Emperor’s Hope system. The disparate forces lurking in the sector have been drawn to the hulk in the hope that they will find valuable salvage, ancient munitions, or holy relics. As an overeager grox races to the trough to feed, completely unaware of the slaughterer sharpening his blade, so the lesser races wasted no time docking with the Doom and Darkness, and in so doing sealed their fate. Crimson Tear orbital craft erupted from the webway into real space, webway portals sprang up throughout the hulk disgorging piratical warriors, graceful wyches, and terrifying wracks. The trap had sprung, and the vermin, gnawing at their own limbs, scrambled to escape or cringe before death’s scythe.

Scenario Special Rules

Force Composition-

300 points
0-1 Elites
0-2 Troops
0-1 Fast Attack

All models must be painted and based. Conversions and alternative miniatures welcomed (example: Wargames Factory Greatcoat Troopers as Imperial Guard) but no proxies (example: this Space Marine is an Imperial Guardsmen)

This is an casual gaming event. Good sportsmanship is both expected and required!

The enemy of my enemy...- All forces that are not Dark Eldar are considered allied and may not target each other. The turn sequence exchanges between Dark Eldar and allied forces.

Entry Points- Units deploy at entry points. Once every entry point is full the game begins. Every round new units may enter via entry points until all players have been deployed. No units may be held in reserve.

Caged and Cornered- Given the choice between fighting and a horrible tortured death, the trapped forces rally a staunch defense against their would-be captures. Non-Dark Eldar units will not fall back due to casualties caused by in the shooting phase and can always rally despite the number of remaining troops. Other morale tests (assault, psychic effects, pinning, etc. are unaffected). Units that flee and escape from an assault will also rally despite being under-strength.

Dedicated Transports- Most transports are simply too large or lack the agility to navigate the twisting halls of the hulk. As such, only the following dedicated transports are allowed: Dark Eldar Raider, Dark Eldar Venom, Land Speeder Storm.

Other Prohibited Units and Equipment- Fast attack tanks such as the Baal Predator and Hellhound, special characters, guess range weapons.

Dreadnoughts, Walkers, Monstrous Creatures- Navigating some halls on the space hulk are difficult for such units and they can be slowed significantly. When a unit with a base wider than a hallway enters that hallway it can chose to move cautiously or normally. Units moving cautiously reduce their movement by 2 (both normal movement and running and charging) to a minimum of 1 inch. Units moving normally tempt fate as the crash awkwardly through the hulk. Loose power cables, damaged floor panels, and other hazards can damage and disable these units. Vehicles roll a d6: 1-3 No Damage, 4-5 Glancing Hit, 6 Penetrating Hit. Monstrous creatures roll a d6: 1-3 No Damage, 4-6 1 Wound, No Armor or Invulnerable Saves. Models with the move through cover rule may reroll, but must accept the results of the second roll.

Com Terminals- A unit with a model in base-to-base with a com terminal may interact with it. The entire unit unit must do nothing else that turn (including reactions such as “Going to Ground”). Roll a d6 1 Jumbled Data- The interacting unit must take a pinning test 2-3 Defensive Surveillance- From now until the end of the units next turn the unit gains a 5+ invulnerable save. 4-5 Offensive Surveillance- Next turn this unit may reroll missed shooting attacks. 6 Shipboard Defenses- Select a unit in line of sight. That unit suffers 2d6 Str. 4 AP 5 hits.

Those in Glass Houses...- In the gulf of space a powerful weapon fired on board a ship can spell complete disaster. A punctured hull that exposes the ship’s guts to the void can spell doom to anyone nearby, friend or foe. If a unit fires a weapon with the melta or lance attributes it risks puncturing the hull. Roll to hit. If you hit resolve the hit as normal. If you miss roll a d6. On a 1 you have punctured the hull. Roll another d6. On a 1-3 the rupture occurs near the shooters unit on a 4-6 the rupture occurs near the targets unit. The unit (shooter or target) and any other units within 5 inches suffer d6 wounds with no armor or invulnerable saves allowed as they scramble to avoid being jettisoned.

Universal Objectives

Destroy the Dark Eldar- A player receives 1 VP for every Dark Eldar unit destroyed by their force. Dark Eldar units forced to flee from their entry points are considered destroyed for the purpose of this objective.
Escape: Players gain 1 VP for every 100 points of troops

Dark Eldar

Dark Eldar Forces comprising the opposition forces listed here ignore force organization rules for the purposes of this scenario:
The Kabal of the Crimson Tear
The Prophets of Flesh
The Wych Cult of the Dark Urge

And... you (who must follow the force organization chart listed above)!
It is impossible to keep a raid of this magnitude obfuscated, even in the secret city! Many kabalite warriors eager to prove themselves in battle or increase their personal wealth have joined the Crimson Tears to participate in the slave raid.
Objectives: Pain and Punishment-Dark Eldar gain 1VP for every non-Dark Eldar unit they destroy. Dark Eldar players ignore the universal objectives in this scenario and can gain no VPs for them.
Slave Raid- A well timed assault is the perfect opportunity to harvest slaves. Dark Eldar units receive an additional VP for every unit that they destroy in the assault phase.

Craftworld Eldar

Objective: My Brother’s Keeper- Craftworld Eldar gain 1 additional VP for each Dark Eldar independent character or elite unit they destroy.

Daemons of Chaos

Special Rules: Slannesh daemons gain preferred enemy when assaulting Dark Eldar independent characters or elite units.
Objective: Harvest the Choice Souls- Daemons gain 1 additional VP for each Dark Eldar independent character or Elite unit they destroy in assault.

Imperial Agents (Daemon Hunters, Witch Hunters)

Objective: Suffer Not the Witch to Live!- Imperial Agents gain an additional VP for every Dark Eldar independent character or elite unit they destroy.

Imperial Guard

Objective: Salvage- An Imperial Guard unit with at least 1 model in base-to-base with a salvage token may interact with it to gain additional VPs. The entire unit unit must do nothing else that turn (including reactions such as “Going to Ground”).


Special Rules: Necrons do not suffer phase out in this scenario.
Objective: Ghost in the Machine- A Necron unit with at least 1 model in base-to-base at a com terminal may interact with it to gain additional VPs. The entire unit unit must do nothing else that turn (including reactions such as “Going to Ground”).


Objective: Krump’um!- Orks gain an additional VP for each Dark Eldar Troops unit they destroy in an assault.

Space Marines (Black Templars, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Space Wolves)

Objective: Relic Crusade- A Space Marine unit with at least 1 model in base-to-base with a relic counter may interact with it to gain additional VPs. The entire unit unit must do nothing else that turn (including reactions such as “Going to Ground”).

Tau Empire

Objective: Tactical Withdraw- Tau Empire players gain additional VPs for every 100 points of Tau that escape from the exit points.


Special Rules: Tyranids do not deploy in the space hulk entry points, but instead are lurking within the hulk already. Tyranid players roll a d4 and deploy with 3 inches of the appropriate tunnel or chute.
Objective: Consume- Tyranid players gain an additional VP for each Dark Eldar Troops unit they destroy in an assault.


Dark Eldar Event December 5th!

Just a quick note to let folks know that Phantom will be running a large, Dark Eldar themed Warhammer 40K event on Sunday, December 5th. More details should be forthcoming in the next week or so, but the event will get underway at about 12:00 PM, and participants will be asked to bring a fully painted and based 40K force.

More details soon!

--POTA Staff

The Dark Eldar: Building and painting the event Miniatures VLOG!

PotA Staff Members Scott Pyle and Enrico Nardini discuss building and painting the new Dark Eldar releases. In this video we focus on the Dark Eldar Raider and the Dark Eldar Reavers.

We hope this is a helpful guide as you begin work on your new Dark Eldar army!

-PotA Staff


Phantom Sunday Halloween Event!!!

Just a quick reminder that ace game Andrew Lotz will be running a massive Warhammer 40K event at the Phantom this weekend. He's calling it the Haunted Tank, and participants will be asked to bring a 650 pt. Warhammer 40K force to take part in this creepy-cool event. There are no restrictions on force composition, so players should bring whatever they want, as long as it's legal within the boundaries of their codices.

A few notes on the game:

  • All models must be painted and based
  • All players must have an appropriate codex
  • Good sportsmanship and fair play are a must

Call 412-682-6290 for more info!

Have fun! Happy Halloween!

--POTA Staff


CthulhuTech Re-Stock!

What's better than Call of Cthulhu? Call of Cthulhu with mecha!

Phantom Boss Jeff Yandora has engineered a complete re-stock of the hot new RPG, CthulhuTech from Wildfire LLC.

This re-order includes the main rules (pictured above) and a host of dynamite supplements. If you ever wanted the chance to punch an elder being in the face with a 30' giant robot, here you go!

--PotA Staff